## Popular Forms - (file: fsa-standard-claim-form_v2.pdf text: FSA Claim Form: Standard) - (file: limited-purpose-fsa-claim-form.pdf text: FSA Claim Form: Limited Purpose) - (file: mobile-app-flyer.pdf text: Mobile App Flyer) - (file: direct-deposit-authorization-form-and-portal.pdf text: Setting Up Direct Deposit From The Participant Portal) ## Educational Flyers by Product ### Flexible Spending Accounts - (file: medical-dependent-care-fsas.pdf text: Medical & Dependent Care FSAs – no card) - (file: medical-dependent-care-fsas-card.pdf text: Medical & Dependent Care FSAs – card) - (file: dependent-care-fsa-overview.pdf text: Dependent Care FSA Overview) - (file: fsa-tax-savings-expense-estimator.pdf text: FSA Tax Savings & Expense Estimator) - (file: fsa-store-flyer.pdf text: FSA Store Flyer) - (file: understand-your-medical-fsa-carryover-runout-debit-card.pdf text: Carryover and Your Debit Card) ### Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts - (file: limited-purpose-fsa-overview-no-card.pdf text: Limited Purpose FSA Overview – no card) - (file: limited-purpose-fsa-overview-card.pdf text: Limited Purpose FSA Overview - card) - (file: limited-purpose-fsa-hsas.pdf text: Limited Purpose FSA & HSAs) ### Health Savings Accounts - (file: hsa-employee-accessing-your-hsa.pdf text: Accessing your HSA) - (file: hsa-brochure-for-participants.pdf text: HSA Participant Brochure) ## Useful Links - (link: https://fsastore.com/?a_aid=55d5f45d7d697&a_bid=28935869&utm_source=Group+Dynamic+Inc.&utm_medium=TPA+Homepage+Useful+Links&utm_campaign=TPA+Partner text: FSA Store) - (link: https://hsastore.com/?a_aid=55d5f45d7d697&a_bid=1abb86a0&utm_source=Group+Dynamic+Inc.&utm_medium=TPA+Homepage+Useful+Links&utm_campaign=TPA+Partner text: HSA Store) - (link: https://www.sig-is.org/card-holders/store-locator text: Locations that accept the GDI Debit Card ) - (link: https://fsastore.com/FSA-Eligibility-List.aspx?a_aid=55d5f45d7d697&utm_source=Group+Dynamic+Inc.&utm_medium=TPA+Elig+List&utm_campaign=TPA+Partner text: List of Eligible Medical FSA Expenses) - (link: http://www.wexhealthinc.com/calc/Payroll125.html text: Tax Savings Estimator) - (link: https://groupdynamic.learnyourbenefits.com/ text: Learn More About Account-based Plans) ## Product Overviews - (file: cobra-administration.pdf text: COBRA Administration) - (file: erisa-wrap-doc-product-overview.pdf text: ERISA Wrap Document) - (file: flexible-spending-accounts-fsa.pdf text: Flexible Spending Accounts—FSA) - (file: health-reimbursement-arrangements-hra.pdf text: Health Reimbursement Arrangements—HRA) - (file: health-savings-account-hsa.pdf text: Health Savings Account—HSA) - (file: non-discrimination-testing-product-overview.pdf text: Non-Discrimination Testing) - (file: premium-only-plans-pop-administration-services.pdf text: Premium Only Plans—POP Administration Services) - (file: retiree-hra-and-billing.pdf text: Retiree HRA and Billing) - (file: qualified-transportation-account-qta.pdf text: Qualified Transportation Account—QTA)