The Group Dynamic Difference

Group Dynamic’s Limited Purpose FSA provides an opportunity for an additional tax-shelter for those who wish to maintain eligibility for Health Savings Account contributions. We’ve found Limited Purpose FSAs to be a welcomed benefit even when an employer doesn’t offer a qHDHP/HSA combination, as an employee’s enrollment in a general purpose Medical FSA makes his or her spouse ineligible for HSA contributions.

Employer Experience


Reduce payroll taxes and increase employees’ take-home pay. Your FICA savings typically exceeds the cost to offer the plan.


Intuitive on-line tools provide you with instant access to plan details and utilization.

Education On-site educational sessions and website video, professional and patient staff members.


Compliance Alerts delivered via email advising you of regulatory changes that impact your plan.


Employee Experience

Informed Participants

Limited Purpose FSA FAQ

Limited Purpose FSA Forms